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Labelle: (863) 675-2801
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About Windmill Sprinkler

Family owned and operated in South Florida since 1954, Windmill Sprinkler is your one-stop shopping place for all your irrigation, hardware, pool, plumbing, drainage, electrical, lawn/garden, painting and building material needs.

Started originally as a well drilling and irrigation installation business, Windmill Sprinkler has grown to fit the needs of the homeowner and contractor alike. Personal one-on-one service and a neighborhood hardware store feel makes Windmill Sprinkler the only home center you need.
Water Restrictions
Buy a Windmill

Purchase a Real Working Windmill!

We proudly sell our own namesake... windmills. We stock 18", 4ft and 8ft ornamental windmills. Our Labelle, FL location off SR80 stocks and assembles real working windmills. Call (863) 675-3688 for more information.
Pictured on the left is a real working windmill installed in Parkland, FL.
real working windmillPuchase a Windmill